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 Celebrations By Penelope

Adelaide Marriage Celebrant 

Hi I’m Penelope and I am a young, friendly, experienced and modern Adelaide marriage 
celebrant who focuses on making your ceremony memorable for all the right reasons,
and importantly stress free.
It is my honour to create for you a ceremony that is personal, fun, romantic and elegant with your own individual touch. I am committed to delivering a ceremony that reflects your relationship and its uniqueness. My aim is to provide incredible memories alongside outstanding service. Whether your ceremony is traditional, unique or somewhere in between,
I can help you make your wedding day what you've always wished for. 
It's your special day and should be exactly what you both want and more.

So if you want me to be your celebrant, you should know more! 

Your perfect ceremony
​Love is worth celebrating! I'm energetic, open-minded and understand that couples want their marriage ceremony to truly reflect their personalities both as individuals and as a couple. You will receive a personalised, fun, modern and completely unique ceremony. Don't worry it will also be just the right amount of relaxed. 

Ask away, I'm here to help

I get that you feel clueless and a bit lost. I know you’re unsure, that is why I expect about 1,000 questions from you. I worry if you don’t ask me! Ask away as I'm here to help in any way I can.  I always try to have the right answer, if I don't I will try and find it for you. 


Paperwork, “I love it” said no bride or groom ever. I take care of everything needed, you don’t have to worry about a thing. The first part of the process is called a NOIM. We do that together in my home office. This document will help you understand the legal side a little better. But I'm here to take care of everything. 

What will I wear?

Well I think it's important, don't you? I always ask what your weddings colour scheme and theme is so I know how I should dress and what the most appropriate thing for me to wear is.  While I know I'm maybe a little too old to be a bridesmaid these days I don't want to appear to be dressing like yours! If you have a certain preference I'm completely open to your thoughts and ideas. I've got a pretty big wardrobe!​

Your rehearsal,
you should have one!

​I love them! It helps to make sure everything runs smoothly and most people (the groomsmen don’t always listen:) have a clue about what they are doing, where they should stand and when to help you. ​I want you and your bridal party to be happy and well informed through the whole process. 

Professional and skilled

My ceremonies are warm,
organ​ised, fresh and involving. My performance is professional and well crafted. When my couples need me to step in and become the organiser and bring everyone together, I'm there. I also intuitively know when you need space. When it comes to the kiss you won't find me in that photo either! That is only about a bride and a groom, not a celebrant.  You can see me in action in some ceremonies if you want to. 

Marriage Certificate
Or as I call it “the pretty one”. You will get this after your ceremony. I put it in with a copy I make of your ceremony and the vows for you to keep. I also help you apply for the official marriage certificate from Birth, Deaths and Marriage. You might find this link useful when you want to change to your married name. 

Music and my PA

I have a fab portable system called a MIPRO with an 11 hour battery life.  It has a Line-input accepts an external iPod/iPad, MP3 to play your music through for the ceremony. Although I'm a really big fan of live music. It can make all the difference I believe to a ceremonies atmosphere.​ 

Unlimited Contact

Let’s communicate as often as you need to. I'm very good with getting back to your emails!
I want you to be happy and well informed through the whole process. ​Open communication is everything when planning a wedding. You can hit this link and email me now if you like. 
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Phone 0415 508 233