I found out something very interesting after my 2010 wedding, and that was Adelaide does not have very many celebrants under 40!

 I wondered why and it made me think this could be something I would love to do. I get to be involved in one of the happiest days of everyone’s life, I get to dress up every week and wear some of my many, many clothes. Ok, dressing up is not everything but the opportunity to become a Civil Marriage Celebrant felt like one not to pass up. I started my adult life deferring university and heading to Finland to become a nanny as a bit of a gap year I guess you could say. Well 13 years later I did not quite make my nursing degree but I did nanny in Finland, England, America (I got to see about 33 states), and lived in Kenya as a volunteer in 3 different orphanages across the country and see 13 African countries. Then back to America and over to Ireland then over to Switzerland and France to finish off my 12 year career as a nanny. I have been blessed to visit almost 70 countries. 

So upon returning to Adelaide I became an International Travel Consultant. I thought after all those years of travelling I might know a thing or two about planning the perfect holiday. Remember I would also love to hear about your honeymoon! 

    Shortly after returning to Australia I met my husband and not long after that we got married! Quick yes, but true love waits for no one!!! We are now blessed with the two most amazing children. So when I am not being a celebrant you will always find me with my children. 

    I am a true people person and my travelling experience has given me the opportunity to live with, learn from and be a part of many different communities and cultures. I have an open communication process with everyone that I meet. I love new experiences and I love meeting new people. I also have a very strange love affair with clothes, shoes and handbags but after the second wardrobe was built to hold everything I have backed off somewhat. Now I have two little people to live through my clothing passion. 

    I am enthusiastic, caring, open, honest and above all adaptable. I have been to too many strange places and seen too many odd things to honestly find many things too far out of the norm or take me too far out of my comfort zone.   

   I consider myself blessed to be a part of one of the most important days in your life and I look forward to being a part of your marriage ceremony.