A little bit about me


So first of all hello,

I'm Penelope and most people call me Pen.  I've been a celebrant for over 7 years and  been the celebrant for over 350 ceremonies. How lucky am I! My family are everything to me, and my husband Andrew, son Freddie and daughter Eloise are my worlds. So, when I am not being a celebrant (my full time gig), you will always find me with my children.  

I have a ridiculous wardrobe of clothing that I can’t help adding to on a regular basis (check out my Facebook and Instagram for yourself to see them all). But as I point out to everyone, I only shop for you my couples. It’s an entirely selfless act.

I’ve lived in 8 counties including Finland, Kenya, France and Ireland and I’ve been to over 70 countries (including over 30 US states). But believe it or not, I’m very prone to travel sickness.

I am a genuine people person, and my travelling experience has given me the opportunity to live with, learn from and be a part of many different communities and cultures. I have an open communication process with everyone that I meet. I love new experiences, and I love meeting new people.  I am enthusiastic, caring, honest and above all adaptable. I have been to too many strange places and seen too many odd things to honestly find many things too far out of the norm or take me too far out of my comfort zone.   

I consider myself blessed to be a part of one of the most important days in your life and I look forward to being a part of your marriage ceremony.